What Kind of Shopping Is Best for You?

Shopping is an art, what's your style?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Cyber Shopper
You are the cyber shopper. You would much rather shop from home than fight the crowd. You're probably a little bit of an introvert, or you may just know exactly how to get the best deals! Either way, you prefer to exercise your shopping muscles from the comfort of your couch and behind your computer screen. You live for that adrenaline rush when you finally get your packages in the mail. It's a little addicting, so be aware of the profound power that online shopping can have over you! Click away!

Mall Shopper
You are a mall shopper! You love the thrill of going to the mall and hunting down your deals. You're the kind of person to try clothes on and put outfits together before you buy them. You like to get up close and personal with the items you buy as opposed to waiting until they arrive at your door to see if you like them. What better way to spend some time than to walk around a mall, get some snacks, and look at all the merchandise you can bring home?

Wandering Shopper
You are the wandering shopper. Let's face it: you have no idea what you really want. When an advertisement breezes by, you blow in the direction of what it's telling you to buy. You are a meandering shopper. You have a hard time making a decision because you either don't know what you want or you want it all. It's okay. You'll figure it out, but you should probably make a list of things before you venture out into the world of merchandise.

Get-R-Done Shopper
You are the get-R-done shopper. You are the to-the-point, in-and-out-in-a-jiffy shopper. You strive for shopping efficiency. You are always on track and avoid distractions during your shopping excursions. People envy your ability to stick to the plan. You know how to tell the difference between buying what you want and buying what you need, but you still leave a little bit of room for the fun stuff!

Mom and Pop Shopper
You are the 'mom and pop' shopper. You avoid the big corporations and you like to help support the businesses around you. You are a unique person who likes unique things. Whether you are going to a bakery or a boutique, you like seeing what the small businesses around you have to offer. Everyone loves opening presents from you around the holidays because your gift ideas are so fresh and new. You like to get to know people and help make a difference in your community.

Crafty Shopper
You are the crafty shopper. You are so creative that your shopping trips center around what you can make. You don't just buy gifts, you shop for supplies so you can make your own. You see a trend or get an idea and you act upon it! You like to go shopping to make anything from lotions to scarves to cookies to even your own furniture! You have a fun imagination in your life, and shopping is no different. Go explore and create!