Are You From Mars or Venus?

What planet best describes your world view?

Tags: Personality, Temper, Lifestyle

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You're a big-picture kind of person who makes grand gestures and when you do something, you never go halfway. You tend to focus on the important things, because the little ones tend to be able to take care of themselves and you'd rather save your energy for when you need it. You plan ahead, you stay focused and you don't tend to let things distract you. You're unstoppable and always often single-minded.

You're a loving and giving person, who always supports other with love, understanding and patience. The little things in life are very important to you, you know that every second counts and that memories are precious. Personal touches are important to you and as far as you're concerned the thought always counts.

Mars, but you often visit Venus.
You've learned that sometimes people value different things than you do and you work hard to be considerate of those feelings, working together to meet halfway and make sure everyone is happy. When you're stressed you often withdraw to be alone, but you know other people sometimes need your support and you always make sure you're there for them, never judging and always accepting of what they're going through. If you're going to do something, you like to do it big. You'd never do anything halfhearted, unless you didn't want to do it to begin with.

Venus, but you often visit Mars.
You always try hard to be fair and open, making allowances for miss-communication and never quick to anger. The little things are important to you, but you don't get upset when someone else would rather focus on the larger picture because you know the world needs all kinds and that everyone has their own strengths. You're outgoing and social and sometimes you have to remind yourself that other people need their alone time, even when you'd rather be hanging out with them. But you're good about giving people space and are very in tune with their needs.

As a duel-citizen of both Mars and Venus, you have a keen ability to understand other people's emotions and why they think the way they do because you always see both sides to every issue. You see the importance of the small, everyday things in life, but can also stay focused on the big picture. You are good at multitasking and are often a peacemaker, helping people get along and see each others points of view. Sometimes it can be difficult seeing so many sides to every issue, but you always manage to find your way through.

You are truly unique and one of a kind, seeing the world and life in your own, special way and always dancing to the beat of your own drum. You're neither a follow or a leader, you prefer to live and let live, get along and have everyone do their own thing. You're not the kind of person who keeps score, you've never been competitive and you don't worry about whose ahead or whose winning. You have a free and easygoing spirit, you love life, people and the world around you.