What Is Your Art Of Seduction?

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You love to laugh and enjoy life. You enjoy teasing and joking - all in good fun of course! You seduce others with your sparkling smile and humor. One can't help but feel light-hearted and happy when he or she is with you!

You are caring and kind-hearted, and you have a heart of gold. You love deeply and live gratefully. Your loving spirit is infectious, and your sweetness brings many admirers and friends your way. It is extremely easy to fall in love with someone so genuine and sweet.

You are free-spirited and unique. You ooze a certain sense of mystery, which you, unconsciously or not, use to seduce others. You're guarded with your emotions and even more protective of your heart. You don't let anyone into your personal life very easily, and this leaves others wanting to get to know you even more.

You are focused, determined to succeed, ambitious, and driven. Your work ethic is un-paralleled. You enjoy having deep, meaningful conversations and meeting someone who you stirs your spirit and can argue with you. Your mind, your intelligence, is what seduces others!

You are adventurous and outgoing. You have a true explorer's spirit, and nothing makes you happier than getting to see new people and new places. You love the adrenaline rush you get from knowing that you're about to start in on a new and exciting journey, and you enjoy the unknown. You are spontaneous and unpredictable, and that's so seductive to others!