How Irish Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Irish
Pure Irish blood runs through your veins. You understand all of the quirks of the beloved Emerald Isle and hold it dear to your heart. You are 100% Irish.

You Are a True Celt
You are a true Celt. You thoroughly understand all things Irish, including the Celtic language and superstitions. Even a Leprechaun isn't more Irish than you.

You're an Irish-American
You have Irish roots. Your ancestors crossed the sea many years ago to make their way in the New World (Probably settling in Brooklyn). You are Irish-American.

You Are Half Irish
You understand much from the Fair Isle,certainly more than an average American. You have some Irish roots but are influenced by other cultures as well. You are half Irish.

You Are British
You might have ancestors from Ireland, but you identify yourself more with the regional area and not the country itself. You still have an appreciation for all things Irish and celebrate March 17th with zeal. You are British.